The Archdiocesan Office for Environment, AOE, is a forum set up in end-2013 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Bombay.  AOE is dedicated to the cause of environment conservation with an emphasis on creating awareness about climate change in the community.

AOE collaborates closely with:
  • Office of Human Development / Climate Change Desk - Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (OHD/CCD-FABC)
  • Institute for Community Organisation Research (ICOR)
  • Justice and Peace Commission (JPC)
  • Diocesan Youth Centre (DYC)
  • Diocesan Catechetical Centre (DCC)


  • Joseph Gonsalves - Head   
  • Deepika Singh - Secretary
  • Yolanda D'Silva - Staff
  • Shawna N Rebello - Website


Click here to download the full text (PDF file) of the Vatican document on water: Aqua fons vitae released 30th March 2020.  Aqua fons vitae (Water is a source of life) distinguishes three aspects relating to: 

  1. water for human use; 
  2. water as a resource used in many human activities, in particular agriculture and industry; 
  3. water as a surface, i.e. rivers, underground aquifers, lakes and especially oceans and seas. 


The Greening of the Archdiocese of Bombay begins
1st September 2018...

All Parishes/Institutions are requested to email information on their greening initiatives as per the format linked here to [email protected] every month (September 2018 onwards)